artwork display & an award

I’m not one of those mothers that saves every piece of paper my child has drawn on. Because I work full time, Jaxon goes to an in-home childcare with a lady that we go to church with. She teaches a cirrucilum and he loves it there. He started there when he was about 4 months old. Once he was around one he started bringing papers home! Needless to say – We have a LOT of papers from this kid and he’s only 3! If it is from a workbook I don’t save it – unless he has done something amazing on it. If it is on construction paper and involves paint, especially finger paint, it’s a keeper. Recently I weeded out some of the stuff we didn’t need to keep.
These are the ones that I decided I wanted to display:
They may not look like much but to me they’re little masterpieces!
This is how I decided to display them. I went to and made a 11×14 poster. I should get it in the mail this week. It was under $10.00 and I LOVE IT!!!

I’ll be sure to post a picture once it’s framed and hung!

Thanks to Carrie at Carrie’s sweet life…..I’ve been awarded my first blog award!

Thank you so much Carrie!!

I’ll be back with my list of who I will pass it on to!
Happy Thursday!

Ps. I am also working on some fabulous pumpkins…..I can’t wait to show you – tomorrow – so come back then!

11 thoughts on “artwork display & an award

  1. Oh I love that!!!! What a wonderful idea. I’ve kept so many of my kiddos papers, but I never thought to do something like this to display them instead of justkeeing them in a box. LOVE IT!And I love the new header. 🙂

  2. How sweet! way cool idea!Love that you got an award…you ARE “e” for excellent for sure.and…CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE PUMPKINS!! YAY!

  3. that is a great idea about the artwork…you’re so darn creativeLesley, Katie and I are buying the 12×12 canvas boards and making the scrapbook artwork off your site! We are excited!!!

  4. I LOVE THE ARTWORK IDEA!!!I hate to ask a dumb question, but how exactly did you do it. Did you just take a picture of each page or what?

  5. I love that idea of framing your kids artwork. I’ll have to collect my son’s so that one day I could do that.

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