Race for the Cure

Here are the pics from Saturday. Jax and I had so much fun with Renee & Isabelle. Unfortunately, we never found Holly and her family. There were SO many people there, which was so awesome. This was my first time to participate and it was amazing. As I was getting ready that morning, Jaxon was being 3 and it was stressful. Then I thought to myself about how this was absolutely nothing compared to what these women have to go through.As we were walking, we spotted one particular group wearing a shirt that was in memory of a girl who died last year – she was 32 years old, and had children. It gave me chills.
Here’s my sweet boy being silly. He and Isabelle kept holding hands while we walked. They both had so much fun. When we got home Jax kept saying that he wanted to go back to the race!
Our little group:
I’m not sure what’s up with his smile!
So Sweet…
I’m so glad we were able to be a part of yesterday. Renee and I decided that we wanted to train to run next year!

Have a wonderful Monday…… Pumpkins coming tomorrow!!

6 thoughts on “Race for the Cure

  1. Those picture from Race for the Cure are great!! I need to do that next year!I’m glad you saw the Homecoming Ad, I didn’t even know it was out yet!!

  2. I was out there too! I didn’t see you. Of course, with thousands of people it’s hard to find everyone you know. Did you see the fire fighters? They finished the one mile as I was finishing the 5K. It was amazing. They ran the whole thing as a group, all dressed in their “outfits”.

  3. Yes, I did see the firefighters…it was awesome!! I was right there when they finished…too bad I didn’t get to see you!!

  4. Sad we didn’t meet up. We will have to meet on the other side next time. It was so crazy. I saw other people we knew, but never you all. I guess Renee left her phone in the car.

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