I decided before I even had children that it would be cool to celebrate half birthdays. Some people think it’s a little over the top…but that’s me! Now, it’s not like we have a huge party or anything, we just note the date and make it a little special. So, for the past three years we’ve celebrated Jaxon’s half birthday! April 11 is his birthday, so October 11 is his half birthday!

Well, today is the day!! Despite our loss earlier in the day (see the previous post), we had an amazing day!

To start with…It’s no secret that Joey and I have a hard time capturing a good picture together. Today was no different… we’re such dorks! This was during the game…the part of the game that we were still ahead!

I wanted to spend some quality time with Jaxon this afternoon. After his nap (yes he’s 3.5 and he STILL takes a nap….I am blessed!) he & I headed to get an ice cream treat and to the park. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had the park all to ourselves. It was so much fun to get on the big play thing and play with him. We played like we were pirates, then superheros. I was able to talk him into riding down the huge winding slide with me (this was a first). It was such a great time!
Here are a few outtakes from our little photo shoot::

It was so cool to have this butterfly hang out w/ us for a few minutes!

I took a little break from playing and caught up on a little reading:
Jax headed straight for the bath when we got home. I had to run up to Mardel (where I ran into a fellow blogger that I didn’t know yet in “real life” – more on that later) to pick up a book. When I got home this is what I found:
they were practicing for an upcoming camping trip! Notice the junk food – a camping must!

So, tonight I was feeling a little sentimental, so I pulled out the first year DVD that we made at Jaxon’s first Christmas.

this is my favorite part of the video:

I snapped this without looking at the boys first….melts my heart! Can’t you feel the love!that is Joey’s hand in my hair in case you’re wondering…I do not have a growth on my head!

Me & my precious boy after the tears had been shed. He could sense my emotion and was so sweet. He said “hold me mommy”, and I asked him if he would promise to always be my sweet boy….he said yes. I’m glad I have this in writing and plan to publish this blog into book form!
I love you Jaxon Josiah and I thank God for you everyday! Happy 3.5 years little boy!

James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above……”

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