"Halloween Projeks"

The last two nights Jaxon and I have made a Halloween project. He calls projects “projeks”!
I think if this pumpkin were human he’d be considered special.

last night we made a foam “witch house”

I just love $1.00 crafts that are worth a million bucks to my toddler! I also love his spider jammies!

I’m sitting here listening to an album I downloaded from itunes a few months ago. I am absolutely in love with this entire cd!

Priscilia Ahn
is amazing!!! Here’s the first song on the album….I couldn’t pick a favorite song if I tried…love her!

Hope you’re having a good week!

6 thoughts on “"Halloween Projeks"

  1. I love your new look! I usually read your posts in bloglines so I don’t get the full effect.You are so creative! Jaxon does so many neat crafts with you. I think all we’ll do for Halloween is carve pumpkins.

  2. cute crafts!im glad you found priscilia! shes great, we almost saw her live last weekend! you should come here… and we can see her! she plays here a lot.. and my friend mike decided he was going to marry her! 🙂

  3. I love Halloween! I can’t wait to dress up my kiddos in cute PJs and do fun things with them. I also want to deck the house out in Fall decorations.

  4. I like the balloon idea, it’s cute and looks easy. We missed you Tuesday night. Hopefully, I’ll see you next week?

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