I'll be back!

I started playing around with HTML tonight…. I’ve lost some links! I’ll be back tomorrow with the much anticipated (for our parents) Halloween post!!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Here’s a teaser pic::

9 thoughts on “I'll be back!

  1. what is a html and do i have one.LOL!!!!! By the way sorry about the coyote:[ Can’t wait to see the little man in action, starring in his own Halloween show!Hugs and Love nannie

  2. How cute their costumes are! Hey I hope class was fine w/out me. I was wondering…can you give me that lipstick name you were wearing 2 sundays ago…the one that was an all day shimmery? thanks!

  3. i came across your blog today & so glad i did. cute page! i think i read you live in edmond – me too! and that you are a christian. me too! what church do you go to? my husband & i are youth pastor's at cathedral of the hills – 15th & bryant.just wanted to say hi & i will be back to visit!

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