The boy loves to bake

So, I realize I’ve been MIA this past week. I just haven’t really had the blog mojo in me! I’m trying to bring it back! I realize I’m way behind, so the next few posts will not be incredibly current but I need to post them for our book!

Jaxon has a love of baking and cooking just like me. Almost every time I’m in the kitchen he wants to know what I’m making and if he can help. I ADORE this about him!!
He’s finally to the point where I can give him a little more responsibility and he loves it!

Ok, so we still have issues with our fake smiles….but at least the cupcakes tasted good!

6 thoughts on “The boy loves to bake

  1. I love this. Brandon is the same way he is always asking if we can bake something! He doens’t care what it is, as long as we are in the kitchen and he is helping! I thought this would wear off, but he is 7 and still loves it! Oh, and sad to say the fake smile is still hanging around at 7 also! lol

  2. You are training him to be a good husband. By the way, I got to hang out with your husband Sunday AM. He was great in the game room and with my 4th graders.

  3. glad to hear from you!! :)I have been bad about posting lately too! I think it’s because this time of year get B-U-S-Y! Have a fabulous week!

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