F is for Fort

During the school year, it is usually just Jax and I on Friday nights. We’ve grown to enjoy our Friday nights together! We almost always rent a *free movie from M&M’s or a $1.00 movie from Red box. We usually run through the Chick Fil-A drive through. Then….it’s time to come home and build our fort:::
To build a GREAT fort you need:

MANY pillows…this is part of the fun! We go into each room and race to see who can gather the most pillows.
NEXT we pick out the fort cover – AKA a fitted sheet!
THEN we move the coffee table out of the way… Jax loves to feel like he is super strong!
MOVE the kitchen chairs into the living room
DRAPE the chairs with the fitted sheet and extra blankets or sheets to cover the sides.
POP in the movie
SET up your picnik
THEN bask in the coolness of the evening.

THE BEST PARTS ARE:: Your son thinking you are the coolest and you thinking you are the luckiest to have such comfortable pillows, food to eat, a movie to watch, quiet time with your child and the blessing of being a parent!

So, if you don’t have any plans tonight……. BUILD A FORT! It may do more for YOU than your children!

Happy Friday!

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