Off to Nashville

Our bags are packed & we are leaving in just a little while!!

I’ll be writing a few posts on the trip there….so stay tuned!

I’ve been given two awards and I’ve been tagged… so I have awards to give out myself, a meme to complete, plus pictures, pictures and more pictures!!!
I’ll leave you with some pretty roses to brighten your day::

Hope you’re having a good week!!

5 thoughts on “Off to Nashville

  1. Hello,I forgot yall were leaving today.I hope you all have a great trip.We are looking forward to being there next week. Give hugs to the “boys” Love,MOM

  2. i love the black & white picture with the yellow roses – so very, very pretty!who are you loved by???!!!i was going to tell you that there is another coupon class on sunday – will you still be out of town?

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