A new tradition…

I present to you:::

I saw this idea about two years ago and saved it! Now that Jax is old enough we can do some really fun and amazing things!

Inside this jar are 25 scrap pieces of paper. Written on them are some awesome activities for us to do. Each morning leading up to Christmas, Jaxon will pick one out of the jar. That evening we will complete the activitiy.

I won’t list all the activities right now….but stay tuned! Some of the activities include::
making cookies to share with friends at school
watching a christmas movie
going to see christmas lights
AND many more!!!

It’s not to late to start your jar!

9 thoughts on “A new tradition…

  1. I’m going to do this when our little one is old enough! I actually started making a list of things as I think of them! Have a great time…can’t wait to hear about all the fun!!

  2. Oh, that is GREAT! Such a fun idea! Can’t wait to see what all is instore for Jax!!!! πŸ™‚ Happy December

  3. Boy oh boy his he lucky to have a mom like you!I would make a jar- but I would put in it things like ‘do laundry with mommy’ or’ lets play the silent game!’…..I know, I know…I am so mother of the year.BTW: WOW your site looks perfect. I love it

  4. i meant to do this & then totally got busy & forgot! i will check everyday to see what you are doing, write them down & then FOR SURE do this idea next year.my boys love mardel's too! they could easily spend an hour in there just playing with the trains.

  5. What a great idea! It gets a little harder to do stuff like that when the kids multiply and get older and have tons of activities. I wish I could find a way to fit it in though!

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