Chirstmas Jar – Day 1

Mardel is one of Jaxon’s favorite places!! It’s great because there is no expectations other than just to play at the train table!

Before we headed to Mardel, we had dinner with Jacob and Amy. Amy and I have been friends since the 4th grade!

They are expecting their first baby in March.

Then we headed to Mardel::

Jax had a blast!

Tongiht we’ll be staying in! Check back tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Chirstmas Jar – Day 1

  1. The jar idea is GREAT!! Also, I have never taken Kaeden with me to Mardel’s – next time he’s definately going! Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Suzanne, thanks for stopping by our blog. It is so good to hear from you and see your beautiful family. BTW – I love the jar idea. We too might have to steal it for next year : )

  3. I love the jar idea! I am certainly filing that away for next year when Cole can be a little more involved with the ideas that go in it. Looking forward to see what all Jaxon will get to do with his jar full of fun.

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