Digital Christmas List & a blog announcement

For one of our Christmas Jar activities, we went to Toys R Us to look around. Instead of writing down the wish list..we went digital! These pics were taken with Joey’s iphone! This is a portion of the child’s wish list!
Despite the look on his face in most of these – Jaxon really was excited to be there!

FINALLY at the end he started to get animated! This picture is priceless and fully describes our lives!

And for the announcement – NO there is NOT a baby!
My blog will be moving January 1st! The new address will be add it to your readers and bookmarks now!! I will not post there until the 1st – I’m still working on the design……. I will delete this blog in January!

I am redesigning the site and adding some new things! If you’d like to be on my new blogroll please leave me a comment or send me an email (click on contact above).

28 thoughts on “Digital Christmas List & a blog announcement

  1. taking pictures with the iphone… that's so 20th centurty… awesome idea! that last picture of the little guy & his mouth wide open… too cute!i already signed up to follow your new blog. yea πŸ™‚

  2. How do you switch to a new site without losing all your old stuff? Just wondered about that? Those little faces are so cute in the pics!

  3. I don’t have your e-mail or else I would have e-mailed this:Try Taco Filling, Fantastic World Foods (comes in a box). It’s tofu/soy product made to look like ground beef that you put in a taco. It looked the same and tasted pretty dang close. Travis enjoyed it. We had it last night and I loved it. You just put the stuff in water and microwave for like 6 minutes. So easy, so good and good for you. Or try a veggie burger. It’s made with all veggies and beans. I LOVE those. Just DON’T BE AFRAID!O and I want in on your new blog!

  4. Just wanted to let you knoow on the cornbread recipe that when I say cube I do mean stick. I’ll add that on the recipe today to make it clearer.

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