Digital Christmas List & a blog announcement

For one of our Christmas Jar activities, we went to Toys R Us to look around. Instead of writing down the wish list..we went digital! These pics were taken with Joey’s iphone! This is a portion of the child’s wish list!
Despite the look on his face in most of these – Jaxon really was excited to be there!

FINALLY at the end he started to get animated! This picture is priceless and fully describes our lives!

And for the announcement – NO there is NOT a baby!
My blog will be moving January 1st! The new address will be add it to your readers and bookmarks now!! I will not post there until the 1st – I’m still working on the design……. I will delete this blog in January!

I am redesigning the site and adding some new things! If you’d like to be on my new blogroll please leave me a comment or send me an email (click on contact above).

28 thoughts on “Digital Christmas List & a blog announcement

  1. taking pictures with the iphone… that's so 20th centurty… awesome idea! that last picture of the little guy & his mouth wide open… too cute!i already signed up to follow your new blog. yea πŸ™‚

  2. How do you switch to a new site without losing all your old stuff? Just wondered about that? Those little faces are so cute in the pics!

  3. Got ya on bookmark…..Happy Anniversary on the 19th, and baby makes 4 will be this year mark my words!!!!!! love mom winn

  4. I don’t have your e-mail or else I would have e-mailed this:Try Taco Filling, Fantastic World Foods (comes in a box). It’s tofu/soy product made to look like ground beef that you put in a taco. It looked the same and tasted pretty dang close. Travis enjoyed it. We had it last night and I loved it. You just put the stuff in water and microwave for like 6 minutes. So easy, so good and good for you. Or try a veggie burger. It’s made with all veggies and beans. I LOVE those. Just DON’T BE AFRAID!O and I want in on your new blog!

  5. Just wanted to let you knoow on the cornbread recipe that when I say cube I do mean stick. I’ll add that on the recipe today to make it clearer.

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