what did he say?

So, my kid is funny. And I’m sure your kids are funny. In fact I know they’re funny and sweet and say all kinds of clever things!
When I saw this idea Jaxon wasn’t even talking yet…but it’s one I remembered! I started it a few months ago but it only lasted a day or so. But on the 1st I started it again.
What is it? It’s the “Jar of Jaxon”. Yes, that’s the best I could come up with for now!
The idea is to write down the funny, sweet, clever, etc. things that your kids say and place them in a jar. I think the reason it didn’t last long the first time was that I didn’t have the right set-up. Well, now I’ve got the set up!

In the little basket I keep the jar and pre-cut strips of paper (all sizes) and a pen or markers. That way I can go right away and write it down so I don’t forget!

The other day I had the jar out in the living room. Jaxon thought it was like the the Christmas jar where he got to pick a piece of paper out and do something. So here’s how the conversation went:: (and YES I wrote it down and now it’s in the jar)

J: MOMMY, is this for me? What do I get to do today?
S: Well, buddy this jar is not like the Christmas jar. The jar has paper with funny things that you’ve said.
J: MOMMY….I am NOT funny, I’m SERIOUS.
S: (laughing) See… THAT was funny!

It was his tone of voice that was really funny. That night he wanted me to read him all the notes in the jar. I think it made his day. I know having this jar will make me smile for days and years to come!

11 thoughts on “what did he say?

  1. I LOVE your new blog Suzanne! There is something very soothing about it. Professionally, tastefully, gorgeously done. Great job! Did I say Happy New Year yet? xo, gina

  2. I know where you got those pens!!!And you are so smart to do this. I just never really kept a great journal when my boys were young to remember all this stuff….and now, well I use my blog for a lot of it. And to do it on scrapbook paper is perfect too…easy transition into a book someday!!!

  3. That is a super cute idea… once Gibson starts really talking I may have to steal it. For now basically he says Daddy… and a few other words that we are kind of unsure of. 🙂 Hope you guys had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year… your new site looks awesome!

  4. You are so talented in design! I love how you can use your gift! I want to steal your “jar” idea! I can never remember all the fuuny things Ella Grace will say or do!Love You!

  5. You remind me of another mother and her buddy brother. He was so much funnier than his sister. I don’t think you truely realize what an important thing you are doing but one day when your head comes up to his belly button you will. You will want all that preciousness back, and you will rejoice that God Blessed you with so much talent. I love you!!!!!!

  6. WG has good sales this week! I still need to get over there before the sale ends. I did stop and grab their milk they had onl sale. It was 2.79 for a gallon. WOO HOO! Also, you should check out Target they have good sales too.

  7. i'm glad you got you went & got you some!!!a lady at our church bought 44 of them & only paid $4. now that is an AWESOME deal!!! i went to the one behind my house – kelly & covell & then i also went to the one by target.i like your new blog setup. why did you change? the picture of the 3 of ya'll… great one! did you take that yourself?

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