show & tell – Christmas Edition

There’s not a whole lot that I remember from my early years. But for some reason, I remember how I loved show and tell on Fridays in kindergarten!

So…let’s play Show & tell!

I will SHOW you what I was given for Christmas…. if you will TELL me what your favorite gift(s) were!!

Come on…let’s play!

This was the year of things I’ve always wanted…..but never asked for! I feel so blessed it’s kind of embarrassing…but here we go anyway!

My sweet husband surprised me with the bands to go with my wedding ring. I got one for our 10 year anniversary(on the 19th) and thought that was it, then on Christmas morning I was surprised with the other! We bought the middle ring at a store called TENO when we went to Vegas two years ago. Joey had always wanted to get me a new ring for our 10 year. My original wedding ring holds great value to me and we still have them and always will. BUT, I do LOVE my ring now. It’s not super flashy, it’s flat on top so it doesn’t get caught and it’s super unique! It’s a tension setting…now complete with the bands! THANK YOU honey!

My parents came on the eve of our Christmas together an surprised me with a 10-speed! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL! I’ve always wanted a kitchen aid but never asked for one. It was such a nice and welcome surprise!! They brought it just in time for us to make this AMAZING chocolate pie!

Joey’s parents surprised me with a sewing machine! Sewing is something I’ve always wanted to try. I don’t think I’ll ever make clothes (unless I have a girl someday, then there are a few patterns I’ve seen that will be a must), but I would like to make curtains or pillows, or a headband, or, or, or….???
They came to our house this last Sunday and Carla gave me a quick lesson on loading the bobbin and sewing a straight line! I’m getting brave…so stay tuned! I’d like to make THIS before the end of the year!

And last but not certainly not least….
My SWEET little boy picked this out for me by himself at the jewelry store. I LOVE the smile he gets on his face when he sees it! As he says “it’s bootiful mommy” or “it’s georgeous!
I LOVE that boy!

Thank you so much for my awesome gifts… I’ll take an exemption next year! Love you all!

SO…now it’s YOUR turn. Please leave me a comment and TELL me what your favorite gift was this year! And if you’re so inclined to do so…wouldn’t it be fun to make a post to show us!!

Happy Thursday!

11 thoughts on “show & tell – Christmas Edition

  1. I love the show and tell idea! Are you going to make it a weekly special? And what fantastic gifts!Brian and I haven’t actually received all of our gifts yet — the mail has been very slow! But we’ve received some movies and the Seinfeld edition of SceneIt and an iTunes giftcard. (We buy a lot of movies on iTunes — movies in English and we don’t have to pay for shipping.) My SIL knit me a hat — I was very excited to receive a handmade gifts! And my parents are bringing me a digital camera when they visit in a few months. I just have to figure out which one I want. :)I’m excited that you’re taking up sewing. I’m loving it! I love Sew, Mama, Sew for inspiration and tutorials. Can’t wait to see some of your creations showing up on your blog.

  2. Yeah!! You got a kitchen aid, that’s so exciting! I’m so glad you got one. I got a diamond band for my wedding ring too!!

  3. What great gifts! I have been wanting a kitchen aid forever…right now I am using my SIL’s full-time (she doesn’t cook so it works out well). As for me, I got a camera bag, a golf bag, a waffle maker and a Le Crueset grill pan! It was a very good Christmas!

  4. I also LOVED show and tell! My favorite gift was the ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer, I love my mixer and now the ice cream that I can make it WONDERFUL.

  5. Wow!! You must be the favorite daughter-in-law to get a sewing machine from your mother-in-law. You must have a good relationship! You are blessed.

  6. I got diamond bands for either side of my wedding ring… 🙂 Gerod did good this year, and it was completely unexpected! I am also loving the gift from God of our second child… I am due July 25th! :)Fingers crossed its a little girl this time… :)I also got an amazing camera from Gerod’s parents that I am still getting used to. I will have to get some pictures from it posted sometime soon.

  7. what a wonderful Christmas indeed! that list was incredible. i love your beautiful bands, beautiful mixer, and all the beautiful things you can make on your own sewing machine:)i got an iphone which i’m in love with, new address labels, and money to shop for the new house… i can’t wait!

  8. My favorite was the G. Harvey painting my parents gave me. The picture is on my blog. You got very sweet gifts this year!

  9. Yes you indeed are my first favorite daughter-in-love!!!!!!! But you have always known that. Just as Phillip is my first son- in-love and Miss Amanda is my first youngest daughter-in-love. You are so creative that I know God has Blessed you in ways you havn’t even begun to explore. I am very, very happy you liked your sewing machine. Love and Hugs MIL

  10. I love the necklace! Next time I’m telling Kenyon that maybe Kaeden would like to shop for mommy in a jewelry store! LOL!My favorite gift was my Reindeer house shoes from Kaeden (posted on my blog after Christmas).

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