project 365

There are several different 365 projects out there this year!

I am participating in two of them!

The first one is WORD 365. This is VERY cool. It is a daily bible reading read aloud by memebers of the church. Each day it is a new voice. I am really enjoying it. You really should check it out – there are several ways to keep up with it, the details are on the website!

The second one is a photo/scrapbook project. You can see all my photos for the project HERE.

The other day I got my kit in the mail::

Today I finally opened it up and started to put it together. I will print out pictures soon and begin to fill the book up! I do not have ANY experience with scrapbooking. I thought this would be the perfect way to start!

There are a few other links on my photo blog. I’m really excited…this will definately be a challenge for me so I’m really excited to tackle it!!

Unfortunately, the kits sold out within minutes of going on sale. BUT, Becky Higgins who designed the kit has a free download on her site…go check it out!

And…don’t forget to check out my photo blog!!

Happy Monday!

One thought on “project 365

  1. This looks so cool! Wish I could have gotten a kit. I’ve seen them being sold on eBay. Such a great idea. since I got a new camera for Christmas this would sure motivate me to use it!

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