Pray for Harper

I don’t know if you read Kelly‘s blog or not.  Her baby that they have been praying and waiting for so long was born yesterday.  She was born in Arkansas but was flown to Tulsa to St. Francis NICU.  She is in serious condition.  They know that she has pneumonia but are running other tests as well.  They plan to do a heart/lung bypass.

PLEASE go to her blog to keep updated and to read more…  PLEASE pray for Harper, Scott, Kelly and family, and all the doctors and nurses fighting for Harper.

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5 thoughts on “Pray for Harper

  1. Wow, thank you for bringing her blog to my attention, what a story, I will be praying and following her.

  2. Oh, I love this tag so much! I never get sick of talking about my babies! I’ll have to put it on mine for my girls. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is really cute!

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