some Saturday linkage…

This morning I read a great post that really hit home from my friend Elizabeth @ Mommy Mizfit.

My friend Michelle has a great new blog – If you like Rachael Ray, You’ll love it!!
Michelle Cooks Everyday

I also found a great new blog:
It really is delightful!

I’ve been reading this for a few months now… and LOVE it – I’m sure you will too! Sarah has some great ideas!

Please continue to pray for baby Harper and her family. You can follow them here:

Here are two of the “frugal” blogs that I really love::


I hope you’ll check these out!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

5 thoughts on “some Saturday linkage…

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the link, my readership is growing everyday! Are you coming to our class tomorrow? I’ll be there if Cooper keeps everything down today…yesterday was not a good day for him.

  2. i love finding new blogs – thanks for sharing some of your favorites.let’s meet up soon… when is a good time for you???

  3. Hi Suzanne! Glad to see you are doing well..Love the haircut…and Jaxon is so precious! Have a happy Valentines day!

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