V-day weekend

Friday night Jaxon and I met up with another basketball widow and her little boy for a cupcake date!
Jaxon was pretty excited although he hardly touched his cupcake!


We went to Cuppies and Joe on 23rd st.


It was pretty packed, and we were the only ones there with kids.  It was still nice to get out of the house for a while. I had a carrot cake w/ cream cheese frosting cupcake. It was yummy!


Last night Joey had BB again – being the athletic director & principal this time of year is BUSY!! Jaxon and I decided to pick up a heart shaped pizza (for $6.00)  from Papa Murphy’s! It was pretty good. Jaxon ate more than I did!


It said to bake it on the tray it came on. I was leery, but did it anyway. Ten minutes in, I noticed smoke coming from the burners on the stove. I opened the oven to see the tray completely black. Soon the smoke alarm started going off. I was able to get it to turn off quickly. The pizza was salvageable, we just had to take off the bottom layer of crust!

I have no pictures from today… just a normal Sunday.  Bible class, church, lunch, nap, etc…

Jax has been calling me his sweetheart all weekend!  So precious!!  I REALLY love that boy!

I hope you had a great V-day Weekend!

8 thoughts on “V-day weekend

  1. Just reading "23rd St" made me a bit homesick. I've never heard of Cuppies & Joe so I googled it and it's located less than a five minute WALK from where I used to live. It sounds like a fun place. And I think I'll head to the kitchen now to make some cupcakes. 🙂 (I was already planning to bake cupcakes, but you reminded me.)

  2. We almost got one of those heart shaped pizzas from PM’s, I love their delite ones. The cupcake place sounds yummy!

  3. It was good to see you today! Basketball is over for us!!! So I say we leave the boys with our men and go out!

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