Dizzy, I’m so dizzy my head is spinning

Like a whirlpool it never ends….. (I know you’re singing it now)!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up, stood up and took my first steps. THANK GOODNESS the bed was right there. I twisted right around and against the footboard. I’m not sure how I made it from the bed to the couch! Joey was already gone for the day so it was just Jax and I. I have never been SO dizzy in my life. EVER. It’s been a crazy past two days. Thankfully Jax was there bless his heart. He had to bring me the trash can so I could save the blanket on the couch. He also brought me a washcloth! I love him!!
Dr. Zann (as Jaxon calls him) got me fixed up! And Joey(THANKFULLY) came home to take care of the boy! Poor kid, was a wee bit neglected – I knew that the noggin and disney online games would come in handy some day! Shortly after, I was knocked out and sleeping peacefully.
I planned on doing a menu plan monday post…but I haven’t cooked in two days! ha! The silver lining is that I was able to get some rest – although not the way I would have planned it!

And because posts without pics are just not cool:: Here is Jaxon holding baby Cooper Keith Hall – born to my oldest and bestest (yes that is a word) friend, Amy (and Jacob) last week!

So precious!!!

Oh Yeah, Please go over and show my mother in law some bloggy love!!!

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