The day I flew to Houston…

Yesterday ended up being a great day!!! I flew to Houston to spend a few days with my dear friend, Megan. The day started out a little crazy!!! I left my house to run and drop Jax off at Mrs. Ruthann’s and when I got home I COULD NOT get back into my house!!! It was about 8:45 and Tracy (she was so sweet and brought me chicken mini’s from chick fil a) was picking me up to head to the airport at 9:00!! I still had clothes in the dryer, no makeup and was not in the outfit I wanted to be in! For some reason our lock was STUCK and was NOT budging. So, I called Joey and he thankfully came to my rescue! After about 30 minutes of trying many things, we were in! I’ve never packed a suitcase as fast as I did yesterday!!
Luckily the OKC airport was not packed and I made it in plenty of time! The flight was smooth (always a concern for me) and was on time. I had interesting seat mates (a story for another day) and soon enough I got to see this pretty face::

Connor (he had a fever yesterday morning) did not want to partake in the picture taking and Logan was still at school! Next stop… FOOD!! I was hungry and they hadn’t eaten lunch yet. When I’m in a different city I like to eat at restaurants that we do not have at home, so Meg had several suggestions. We chose MOOYAH::

I had never heard of this place… but it was really good… kind of reminded me of In N’ Out.
Here’s Meg and I:
The timing was perfect for us to pick up Logan from school.
Once at home, Meg and I did what we do best.. Play on our computers!! We really are nerds and are totally okay with it!!
We decided that we wanted to make something fun for dinner, so Meg headed to the store and I hung out w/ the kids.
Here’s what we came up with:: a Mexican Fiesta………..

It was SO good!!! We had chicken fajitas, black bean salsa and homemade guacamole!! YUM!!!

Ok.. so it was a great day… It’s time for me to go get ready for our trip to IKEA today… Yay!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

5 thoughts on “The day I flew to Houston…

  1. Glad you’re having fun! I am SUPER jealous that you’re going to Ikea! You need to go to Silver Smith (a cute little boutique) in the Edward’s Imax complex to the east of Ikea. They always have the most unique jewelry and clothing. Man…now I wish I was in Houston!

  2. Have so much fun! I am salivating thinking of all of the Houston food (we lived there before Edmond)! Eat some for me!

  3. Oh my look at that blue mouth! You have a great looking family and I'm so glad you had a blessed Easter! ❤ Becky

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