A New Look!

Even though I haven’t ACTUALLY posted in a LONG time.. I still care about my blog! ha!

I was bored tonight and decided to change things up once again. I’ve also wanted to move back to a 3 column and many of you have let me know that you miss my links on my main page… So, I needed a change and maybe it will motivate me to actually post again! I’m not feeling very creative or up to making my own banner like I usually do, and I’d seen this image before. Tonight I came across it and decided to use it. You should check out Lena at simply fabulous blogger templates!

I wasn’t willing to give up all the hard work I put in a few months ago with my horizontal links, etc. So, it’s taken me ALL night to put her design with mine and make it work! I love it! It’s nice and springy! Maybe, just maybe I’ll actually get to write some REAL posts this weekend!!

I’ve missed you blogger world… I’m coming back!

7 thoughts on “A New Look!

  1. super cool new look!!!i don't like what i have & want to change it… so thanks for passing on the link from where you got it.

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