I HEART garage sales

I cannot believe I just typed that title! There was a time that I did not go to garage sales at all… boy have my eyes been opened!  Here is a pic of a garage sale stash in MY garage!  There a few things in the pic below that I picked up this weekend, but most of it has been acquired over the past few months. 

Now, this is not something that I do EVERY week.. but when I do I really enjoy it. This past Saturday, Tracy and I headed out on the town. We hit a few small sales and then headed to a large neighborhood sale.. it was great! One key thing for me is to have a set budget BEFORE and to only have just enough cash!
Here are a few finds::

these glass hurricanes totaled 2.50…  

 these hulk smash hands were 1.50…. Jax wanted them a while back but I refused to pay 15.00 for them!
I picked this up back in November for .75!!  These babies cost anywhere from $20-30.00!  
Same pic as above… notice all the frames…  there is a project coming!
a HUGE puzzle for $.25!
We scored this great set of trays – 8 for $3.00 – Tracy and I split them!  I go the tin for free… I have a project in mind for that too!
This bowl is from goodwill from about a month ago… $4.00… the same bowl was at hobby lobby a few months before for $20.00!
I got this pitcher at a garage sale earlier this year…  I think I paid $4.00 for it… the tag was still on the bottom from DILLARDS!!  It was orig. $39.00!

Stay posted for some makeover projects!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  

Please leave me a comment with your favorite THRIFTY find!

9 thoughts on “I HEART garage sales

  1. My mom and I went to Goodwill in my hometown last weekend, and found that they were having an Everything you can stuff in a bag is $5.99 sale, on their clothing. I scored some awesome clothes for Gibson, Chad (the upcoming newest addition to the Black family), and myself (maternity wear), plus my mom got a ton of things for her, and my nephew. I ended up with a shirt for myself, about 4 outfits for Gibson, and about 10 outfits for Chad… best of all, my mom paid for it! But it was still a steal! If you ever need a garage sale buddy I am always itching to make a deal! 😉

  2. girllllll….you know I love the vintage frames. my favorite find is the gigantic one I turned into a bulletin board. can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  3. I had a blast on Saturday. I think we should go at least twice a month…or every Saturday if our husbands would let us!

  4. I am so glad you found my blog, suzanne. I cannot wait to see all you do with your finds. So far, I am like you used to be…I just don’t do garage sales YET, but I am amazed at what everyone gets and creates. SO…maybe I will do it one day!! 🙂

  5. Hi Suzanne, Thanks for letting me know about your MIL. I will keep her in my prayers! I love garage sales too- but it’s been a few years since I have really gone to any (well, probably since Kaeden was born!) I knew he wouldn’t like being drug from house to house! :0 But, now he’s old enough, I’ll have to stop at a few this spring and summer.

  6. I love coming across a good bargain! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is so cute!! Love the design!

  7. I love coming across a good bargain! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is so cute!! Love the design!

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