crafty explosion… and a surprise!

Happy Friday!! I’m actually sitting on my couch… the house is silent, everyone is sleeping, including these two – fresh in from LA::

This was taken last night sometime around 11:30 pm… The FIRST thing my prego sister wanted was BUENO (no bueno in Cali)!! Ok, so this picture isn’t the most flattering… but they do clean up VERY well… click on these links to see!!!! Trust me, go.. you won’t be disappointed! Part 1. Part 2. (this is the surprise.. ha! LOVE these pics)

Ok, on to crafty things… My head is EXPLOding with ideas!!! My only problem, TIME!!! I need more. Being a full time (outside the home) working mommy and wife takes up pretty much ALL of my time!

That hasn’t stopped me for preparing for MANY projects. My husband will be so glad when I finally find some TIME to complete them.. maybe then he can have the garage back!

Here’s a preview of a few things to come… ok, really it’s just the decorative parts.. but they will be good… I promise!!

And let’s not forget this little beauty… well, it will be anyway! (in case you forgot, I got this for FREE)

Have a great weekend! Happy crafting… or whatever it is you’ll be doing!

Just because it’s Friday, why don’t you leave me a comment so that I know you were here! Thanks!!!

26 thoughts on “crafty explosion… and a surprise!

  1. mmmm…Bueno! I know what I'm having for lunch today! Can't wait to see your finished projects. We need to get together and craft so I can actually finish some of my projects too! Have fun with your sis this weekend.

  2. I'm still waiting for the wedding photos to load, but the ones I've seen so far look great! I can't wait to see what you've got brewing in the garage!

  3. I'm here! Those wedding photos are amazing. I wish I could do anything remotely close to that. I'm liking the 'color palate' for your craft project.

  4. Hey Suzanne! I just read your blog today and looked at the pics from the wedding–they are beautiful! 🙂 Just thought I'd drop a line and say hello…hope you all have a fabulous weekend! (Sam is FINALLY coming back from Lu Jo tomorrow–he's been out there for the past 9 days!)

  5. I love the last set of colors, you should go with those…can't wait to see what you are making BUT I think I have an idea.I love the pictures, they are amazing!

  6. hey there… your sisters wedding pics are amazing! I wish we had a better photographer at our wedding, good pictures really make the memories so much better! Cant wait to see your crafty ideas! I have decided to steal some of the things you have done in the past. Your just too creative for words!Happy Friday!

  7. I think the Bueno picture is perfect! I don't know what it is that all of you people see in that place, but I'm glad that it gives you all such joy!

  8. I think the Bueno picture is perfect! I don't know what it is that all of you people see in that place, but I'm glad that it gives you all such joy!

  9. thanks for making me crave bueno. i've been wanting a crispy taco from there for days on end now. i'd take a bean burrito too.i'm dying to see what you use that first set of swatches for?!?

  10. Have fun with Stacy!!! I know you're glad to have her there. Can't wait to see you're final products.JB

  11. I have some of that same paper sitting on my craft table just waiting to be created into something. 🙂 Great minds think alike…can't wait to see the re-purposed furniture!!

  12. I LOVE the picture! I should have gone to the wedding Saturday PM so I could see your sister. I would have loved to see her. I keeping forgetting she is part of that family. I can't wait to see what projects you create.

  13. yea for wedding photos, and crafy time!! and for the record.. bueno was not the same as i remembered it! it was kind of gross actually :)love you, hope jax got to wear his strippies last night 😉

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