Thank You Mr. flight Attendant Man…

A while back I went to Houston for a few days to spend some time with the lovely Megan! I told Jaxon that I would bring him home a surprise from the airplane.  Well, on the way home my hunger got the best of me and I ate the little bag of peanuts they gave me!  I had to come up with something! There was a nice male attendant that day and I decided to ask for an extra bag of peanuts to take to my son.  He came back with a bag of peanuts for me!  Only, it wasn’t the little bag I was expecting, it was a BIG bag full of little bags!

Jaxon was pretty excited about them, but I put them up in the cabinet and kinda forgot.  Joey and I are preparing for our upcoming vacation and were talking about snacks for the car.  Joe remembered this bag of goodness so we added these to our stash of vacation food!  So, thank you Mr. flight attendant man for the extra snacks!

5 thoughts on “Thank You Mr. flight Attendant Man…

  1. Wow, that's so generous. I'm a little surprised that there's a still airline out there serving little bags of peanuts. 🙂

  2. Wow. I remember being on a flight with Zane and it was like just under 2 hours, so they didn't serve a snack with the drink. He was fussy and I had to beg for a dern bag before he'd give me one!

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