back to school

Last Thursday my little boy started pre-k.  I can’t believe it.  I actually did okay, he did okay.  It wasn’t until yesterday that things started to fall apart.  He IS NOT A FAN of school.  This picture was actually taken on Thursday.  I couldn’t get a real smile out of him but man, does he look cute or what?

Here’s a little rundown of pictures leading up to the one above::

after open house
after open house
back to school balloons
a leisurely breakfast
having a nice leisurely breakfast
uniform set out and ready to wear
uniform set out and ready to wear
daddy and Jaxon before school
daddy and Jaxon before school

Well, here’s to praying that day 5 will be better than days 3 & 4!!

10 thoughts on “back to school

  1. Love the Pictures. Sorry its been a tough week. Just be glad he can’t walk home. My first week of school I left and walked home a couple of days. We lived a block from the school so I would just leave and go home. It will get better.
    Love you Dad

  2. I think it’s so funny that he wants to know if Nannie is gonna pay him to go to school every week!LOL What did I start? “Annie Loves you Jax”, keep going to school and we will see what we can do to enlarge the GI Joe fund. Hugs and love “Annie” aka Nannie

  3. Suzy, this is the best site you have ever done. You can do anything and I mean anything in this world. God has Blessed you with more talents than your poor little head can hold. Plus the ablility to get them done [eventually when your not working full time and a half]. I love you dearest first daughter in Love. Mom winn

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