Pre-K is tough *Updated

So tough in fact, it will just wipe you out! Joey snapped these today on his phone on the way home from school. What a sweet, sweet face.
jax asleep

Let’s take a closer look at what he’s holding:
jax asleep.1
Last week he was having such a rough time that Joey let him pick out a picture from his office to keep in his pocket. He chose this one that is over 2 years old. We were at the zoo blowing bubbles… fun times! Bless his heart! I’m so proud that he has me in his pocket all day. I know that won’t last long, but I’ll take it while I can!
Tuesday:: It happened again! Now, if it were this easy at bedtime!
jax asleep day 2

12 thoughts on “Pre-K is tough *Updated

  1. He looks so cute in his uniform. You may not remember but when I went to boot camp you would be very upset when you couldn’t find me at the end of the day. You would go to the door and cry “I want my daddy”. Mother gave you my keys and you held on to those for the four months I was gone.

  2. I love that pic. He is so cute and getting cuter every day. He is so precious and he has a great Daddy and Mommy.

  3. Oh my word he looks bigger every day….is he growing that fast or does nannie just miss him? He got you guys good on the “I didn’t throw a fit at school today”, only before he left for school!!!! Smart kid! Ya think>

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