Nap Mat Cover

So, if you know me at all you know that I don’t like to be ordinary. That pertains to most parts of my life and my child is no exception. So, of course he couldn’t have just a normal nap mat! Joey had then novel idea of me making a cover for it. Well, I had an EVEN better idea and asked my friend from college, Jaime to make me one!
click on this image to go to her awesome site::

Jaime was wonderful to work with and patient with me! We emailed all the details back and forth. She sent me some great links to pick out the fabric and about a week later she mailed me the final product!! She is great if you have something in mind… I’ll bet she can help you! I think she is planning to sell custom pillowcases for kids… so CUTE!!  Also, check out her CUTE baby onesies and Halloween tutu’s too!!

nap mat folded up nicely

nap mat. folded up and ready to go

nap mat 2

nap mat jax

Jax loves his napmat now and sleeps good every day!!

Have a good weekend, take a nap, and go see Jaime!

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