Roadkill Rescue Party….. the dresser reveal!

Today’s the day… finally! And just in time for this::

A few months ago I found this on the side of the curb in my neighborhood::
Dumpster Dresser

And… I turned it into THIS:::
roadkill dresser after

Here’s a closer look:roadkill dresser after

roadkill dresser upclose

I’m in love! Of course I used lots of mod podge and scrapbook paper.

By the way…  this image from the VERY talented Brassy Apple was my inspiration::  Please click on the picture to go see what she did… amazing!


I have MANY more makeover projects up my sleeve…. stay tuned!

Happy Monday! – Suzanne

27 thoughts on “Roadkill Rescue Party….. the dresser reveal!

    1. Sooooo – are you going to sell it??? I really (still) need help with my little table I found at the garage sale down the street. Can you help??? I would like to do something similar and brighten up with yellows – right now it is RED and well – that just doesn’t match anything Kylie has in her room 🙂
      Love reading your stuff – you are funny.

  1. Why can’t I find a dresser like that? Of course I wanted it still white. You are just amazing, amazing, amazing!!! Hugs mom w

  2. Love it! You did great on the dresser! My mom would be so proud of you for picking it up off the street….she’s the queen of finding treasures on the side of the road!

  3. Beautiful! You are so creative. I wish I had time for that kinda stuff. What are you going to use it for?? Love you

  4. Love it! I keep saying I want to do something similar (especially after seeing photos like that) and then I never do. Yours turned out so pretty though!

  5. Well hello there sweet Suzanne! I absolutely am floored with what you did to the dresser! How fabulous is that! I really like the scrapbook paper you used for it and the distressed edges. Perfect! Thank you for sharing this inspiration.


  6. Oh my gosh! So So cute! My last post on my blog was actually a dresser that I did the same thing too! And i’ve done a desk as well all because of that same inspiration photo! Love it!

  7. my facebook comments::

    Michelle Young
    love it!

    Karen Pennington Owens
    Oh Suzanne, you did such a good job on the dresser! It is so cute!!! I bet you had lots of fun doing it! I love it when trash is made into a treasure!!! Your blog is hilarious with the description ” roadkill”! I am looking forward to seeing your next project!

    Summer Stephen Kvalheim
    Awesome!!!! You are so talented.

    Melissa Henry Hamilton
    Oh my gosh….I love it! Nice job.

    Becca Heppner DeBee
    Great Job! I need you to do the girls dresser. I just slapped some white paint on it and shoved it in their closet cause it looked so ugly:)

    Suzanne Winn
    Thank you all so much! Becca, just let me know… I’ll help you w/ it!

    Jill Goodger Woodzell
    Suzanne, I love it! You did a great job! I’m so in to crafting lately….this is really inspiring me! Thanks!

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