**a note to my readers…

and old blogger follwers!  I had to change my feed, so please re-subscribe using the link at the bottom of this post of click on this icon on the main page::


I know there are many out there that use a reader for blogs.  I also know that there are many who have no clue what I’m talking about!  Well… if you don’t use a reader, you’re missing out.

When you click on either the link or the icon above  (on the main page) this is what you’ll get::

Picture 4 I have tried two different ones, but I prefer google reader.  A reader lets you save all the blogs, etc. that you read in one place.  When you’re ready to read, you simply go to your reader and it will show you who has updated so you do not have to waste time clicking on every link in your blogroll to see if there is a new post!  It’s genius!  ha!

So…..  Click on the link below or on the subscribe icon and choose your preferred reader (super easy to set up, if you do not have a reader account yet), and you’ll automatically get my updated posts…. plus the other 100 that you’ll subscribe to! If you use google, once you sign up go to goodies… there is a subscribe button that you can drag to your toolbar.  So then when your browsing, if you find a blog you like you just hit that button and it will show up in your reader!

I hope this was helpful to at least someone!!  Let me know if you have any questions!


2 thoughts on “**a note to my readers…

  1. I love Google Reader, too, because there’s a link you can add to your bookmarks called “Next”. And when you click on it, it opens the next blog entry from your Reader. So you’re able to see the blog in the format intended, not just in the Reader. The “Next” bookmark is also available under Settings >> Goodies.

    1. I just discovered NEXT last week and I love it! It’s so fun to go to the actual blog and the surprise is fun! I wish that you could favorite posts from the toolbar also. I guess I’m just going to start tagging all the posts I want to save (mostly recipes) w/ de.licious (Alisha, do you know what that is? I love that too!)
      Have a good day!!

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