Mommy, can we have octopus for dinner?

If  you heard this come out of the mouth of a 4 year old, you’d probably be thinking “what in the world”!!  Yeah, I’ve never had actual octopus and I’m pretty sure Jaxon hasn’t either.  What he is referring to is the super cool octopus I made a few weeks ago!

Octopus noodles

Here’s what I did::


I simply skewed raw spaghetti noodles through pieces of all beef hotdogs (we had grilled them the night before).  Then I just dropped them into boiling water…  about 8 minutes later….

his dinner was served:


Cinnamon apples, cheese slices and a little octopus! Of course he ate more than one of those little guys!

He loved it and has asked me to make them several times!

Happy Thursday…..  It’s ALMOST BOOMER SOONER TIME!!!!


9 thoughts on “Mommy, can we have octopus for dinner?

  1. What a cute idea. I kind of want to make them for myself. Cin apples sound great. I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it myself. Enjoy Boomer Sooner day! 🙂
    Also, the site looks awesome. You are so good at this stuff.

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