A trip to the Optometrist

remember when Jaxon went to school and didn’t much like it?  Well, I’m happy to report that things are much better!  He is actually enjoying it now!  That second week of school, he was rubbing his eves every night and complaining that they hurt.  So… I made him an appointment to go see the eye dr. I told him that they would play several games with him and he would get to look through different lenses to see how things look!  He was super excited!



I was somewhat surprised to find out that he actually needed glasses.  I really think that this had something to do with how hard that second week of school was.  So, I’m really glad that I listened to him and took him in!  We picked out some really cute frames and he is doing PRETTY well with them so far, I mean, he IS a 4 year old boy!


He was so excited that night that we did a little homework:

Like Mother… Like Son:


My sweet little glasses head!photo

17 thoughts on “A trip to the Optometrist

    1. I knew someone would ask about that! I called his office but couldn’t get in for about 3 weeks and I just didn’t want to make him wait that long! So to Dr. O we went! Next year I’ll add him to my vision ins. and we won’t be able to go to either! ha!

  1. how handsome is he?! i LOVE that sweet face in glasses. i bet adelaide will be in them before we know it (evan and i both have HORRIBLE vision). you are a good momma!

  2. I hate that he has to have glasses so young in life. But he sure is a cutie wearing them! And you’re a great momma for taking the hints that he was having problems and took him to the doctor.

  3. He looks so cute in those glasses!!!

    P.S. I saw your comment on Laura A’s blog. So when will you be able to practice her sleeping techniques? lol

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