More fun with mod podge

You can pretty much call me the Mod-Podge Queen!!

*this is an old post of mine… just re-posting – a great Christmas idea!

The other day I realized that I needed a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl. We got her a few little things that little girls like, but I also felt like making her something!

So…I pulled out the clipboard I bought a while back for 50 cents and went to town!!

Here’s the list of what I used:


  • Wooden Clipboard
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Foam Brushes

**I ended up NOT using the sandpaper and ink**, more to come about those on another project at another time….

First Step: Paint the edges in a color that coordinates with your paper.

Second Step: Measure out and trim the paper for the top…. apply mod-podge to the back of the paper and smooth out on clipboard.
Third Step: Repeat step two for the rest of the board.

Fourth Step:(Optional Customization) Measure out a coordinating paper to spell out the name.

Fifth Step: Make sure the letters are even!

Sixth Step: Rub off letters onto paper and adhere the paper to the board with the mod-podge.

Seventh Step: Tie ribbon to the clip part of the board.

Eighth Step: I used more rub off letters and coordinating paper for the back of the board…of course I attached it with more mod-podge!

It turned out so good! She loved it and I really enjoyed making it! Oh, and it was SUPER inexpensive!! I’m sure she’ll be using it for all the kindergarten homework!!

*I think it would be fun to have your kids color a blank page before covering it with the mod-podge, or decorate their own clipboard with stickers and such! I think I’m going to make a small one (that will fit in a bag easily) to take to church with us*

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