Need Art? Try Mod Podge

This is an older post of mine.. thought I’d re-post!

I have needed art for a wall in our living room for about a year now! I found a few pieces here and there, but they were either too expensive or just not exactly what I wanted. So I decided to make my own. I have seen several versions of the idea. The idea is not my own, but the art is and that’s what really counts. I love when people come to my home and I can smile and say “I made it”.
I present to you…. prettyeasy
It really is a simple project! The whole process took less time than it did to pick out the paper! I completed the project during Jaxon’s nap time!

Here’s what you need for the project::

Canvas (I bought mine online at Dickblick art supplies they were actually cheaper than hobby lobby and better quality)
Acrylic Pant
Foam Brushes
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
Paper Trimmers or Scissors

*First, I like to start with:
I always cover my space with:
*Next, I set out my canvas and painted two coats of paint on the edges:
*Then I:*Once the paper is trimmed You’re ready to go! Put a layer of mod podge on the canvas and a layer on the back side of the paper. You will have to work quickly because it dries pretty fast. Make sure you have it lined up along the edges. You may have to do a little extra trimming:
*Next you will:

*Once the paper is not sticky you may have to smooth out with your fingers and a hairdryer…be careful, it gets really hot!

*And Alas::

all photos by Suzanne

I am so happy with how they turned out. I must tell you that they are not on our wall yet. We actually had a few of them hung up but decided that we needed to add another row. So we will have a wall of 12, 12×12 canvases! I’m so excited and will update with a picture once they are all hung!

I plan to make some more in fun prints for our playroom/office!

If you do not want the expense of the canvas, you can also just frame the paper…it looks awesome as well! The Dollar Store has great black basic frames…for just $1.00 ! You can’t beat that!!

Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “Need Art? Try Mod Podge

  1. My mom did this after reading your blog a while back. And, Im pretty certain it was her first attempt at anything crafty! Her’s hangs over her fireplace and looks really good.

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