our new baby….

Tucker “Tuck” Winn

5 weeks 3 days old

He is just a baby… he eats…

and sleeps…

and plays… and goes potty (I didn’t take pictures of that:) )

he is really precious and has beautiful BLUE eyes… just like the rest of our family!

Tuck is Jaxon’s responsibility(of course, we provide PLENTY of backup!) .. and he is doing amazing with him!

Here’s how we came up with his name:

We were totally undecided on a name before we met him.  We’ve been planning and talking about a new puppy for quite some time.  We researched and decided that a Miniature Austrailian Shepherd would be a great match for our family!  We had about a two hour drive to go and pick him up.  We continued to throw out names the entire trip.  One of the three of us would oppose to any given name!  It was funny!  We got him in the truck with us and he was on my lap for a while.  Next thing I knew he had climbed into Jaxon’s seat.  He was tucking himself in between the seat and Jaxon.  He walked back over to my lap, and then he tucked himself next to me and the seat behind me.  It was so cute.  He wanted to hide and feel cuddled.  We were giving him some space as the dog whisperer recommends.

Joey shouted out..”how about Tucker?”  Jax and I looked at each other and smiled.  Then Joey explained why he thought of that… what a PERFECT name!

So… Tucker it is.  We’ve been calling him “Tuck”.

I just told Jax that I’m writing about the puppy and he said to write how much he loves Tuck!  so sweet!

My sweet boys::  Jax and Tuck

The happy and excited brother and mommy!

The End.

12 thoughts on “our new baby….

  1. What a precious, and tiny, baby puppy! I adore puppies and kittens, but love all animals. I got Nala when she was 6 weeks old. She was so tiny. My other four furbabies were all several months old when I adopted them. It is a different experience raising an animal from 5-6 weeks old as it is raising an animal that is already, say, 4 months old. It is a lot of work, but SO worth it. 🙂

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