American Saturday Night….

…on a Friday night!
For Christmas Joey and I got each other concert tickets to our favorites!

His Fave:

Brad Paisley

American Saturday Night Tour

January 4, 2010 – Oklahoma City, Ok

EIGHT degrees outside, Yes, that says 8!!

Yeah, we didn’t quite sign up for the weather, but we braved it and had a blast! Here is the picture story of our evening::

my sweet date!

My face was still frozen here.  We walked from dinner to the Ford Center.  Speaking of dinner, that was interesting in itself!

We ate here:

Dinner at Toby Keith's I LOVE this bar and grill

When we got there it was PACKED because this guy was playing:

One of the radio stations hosted a pre-concert, concert.  We waited around for a table, but there was no end in sight.  There was a couple near us that got a table and offered for us to sit with them.  TOTALLY RANDOM, I know!  But…. You gotta live… AND eat, so we sat with them!  They were “normal”, I guess as “normal” as us for sitting with a random couple for dinner.  It wasn’t bad, it was REALLY loud in there and there was a lot going on with the concert so it wasn’t like we were all just sitting and staring at each other!  ha!

After dinner we walked over to the Ford center.  Our ears were literally frozen.  It hurt.

The first person to perform was this guy:

Never heard of him before

Next up was::::

And finally:

Brad Paisley

We had GREAT seats:

the view from our seats

I was even able to get a picture with him:

me & Brad

We had such a fun night!  I’m thankful for the opportunity to treat Joey to a fun night out… oh yeah, and a reason to wear these babies::

my first time to wear these...

May the next concert be just as fun… but please, PLEASE let the weather be warmer…. I’d settle for 28 degrees!

Who can guess who my FAVE is???

9 thoughts on “American Saturday Night….

  1. I love that I always see you at the most random places… The bank (I know you work there, but I dont!), the concert, and then you were at Legally Blonde! Like I said, we must have great taste!!

    Your seats seemed great! We were like 1,000,000 feet above you guys. Great concert!!

    PS- Tell Joey (Weird to say that!) to show some teeth when he smiles!

    1. You’ve earned the right to call him that now! No more Mr. Winn for you! I know, I have seen you a lot lately and very randomly, but I think it’s fun running into you!

  2. When we were in Europe, we sat with strage people all the time. I think they do that in Asia too. I’m pretty sure we’re the weird ones for NOT doing that!

  3. love, love, LOVE the picture of you & brad!!! ha
    8 degree weather… that is too cold for me but hopefully those cool new cowboy boots kept your toes warm!!

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