sunglasses at night

I came across these pictures the other day and realized I never posted them! This actually took place last year right after Christmas! Megan was in town visiting family. So of course, I picked her up for some girl time!

First, we did a little shopping!

Meg & Suz

After shopping we went out for a yummy dinner at Teds!
Back in the car to head to drop her off, we decided we needed to take a picture of our new matching sunglasses:

they actually only lasted a few weeks, no wonder they were on sale!

A few minutes later we realized we had been so busy talking that we still had them on… and it was definitely dark out!


I wear my sunglasses at night….. I can, so I can...

Okay, now I totally have that song in my head!

Yes, we are aware... we're dorks!

But.. at least we’re fun! ha!

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