a backyard photoshoot

nothing formal.  not planned.  not dressy.  just you.  playing.  being a boy.  with your puppy.  and your fort.  PERFECT.

Dear Jaxon,

I know you don’t love it when I follow you around with the camera.  I just want to capture you so that you will I will not forget what these times are like.  Thank you for having me and my camera on your play date in the back yard on Saturday.  I love you and the crazy, fun, loud, total-boy that you are!



I think this is my favorite... because it's just you and your favorites: water, your lego watch, "ball-y shorts" (sweat shorts), and your rain/mud boots.

7 thoughts on “a backyard photoshoot

  1. Yeah, yeah…the pictures are cute and all, but why is your SOUTHERN boy wearing a Giants t-shirt? I’m not sure that we can be friends anymore!

  2. I found your page!! I’m so excited!! I didn’t look in the right place on your profile-

    NO WONDER you have so many profile views! Your blog/website is stunning!!! I can’t wait to read through this tomorrow. I’m off to bed soon.

    I love cool, creative people. Is it tomorrow yet? How about now? Now?

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