how he rolls (well, kind of)

today Jax and I  had a nice ichat with our brother in law & uncle Marc… oh and Zoe too!

Isn’t she precious!

After our chat, I left Jaxon’s room and headed out to the family room.  About 5 minutes later Jax came down the hall all decked out with his roller skates and knee pads.  He put it all on by himself, which in itself is kind of amazing in my book, since the child THINKS he needs help getting dressed daily… oh my!

The skates were a Christmas gift from Marc, Stacey and Zoe, so I guess our little chat sparked the memory and inspired a skating session!

He actually wanted to try it all by himself tonight… I’m pretty sure we won’t be having a party at the roller skating rink anytime soon, but it is progress!

Here’s the proof:: (and a good little conversation)

Watching this just now, I realized what he was saying at the end and I’m cracking up! I’m sure he was thinking “duh, mom”! ha!

For the record, even though Jax did wear this shirt on Saturday (see this post), he does own other shirts! Also, this shirt raised some concern from some of our friends who are southern cowboys fans… we are not necessarily giants fans, but the shirt was on sale at old navy! ha!

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