more mod podge fun…

Last summer Tracy and I did quite a bit of garage sale shopping!  One Saturday we happened upon Erin’s house.  She had a sewing table that I really liked.  BUT it would not open and I wasn’t sure I could use it for my sewing machine.  So… I left empty handed to think about it.

A few hours later she texted me and said I could HAVE it if I wanted to take it off her hands!  Of course I said yes!

Joey was able to pry it open for me and I was SO excited.  Then we realized that my sewing machine is not compatible with it.  It is an older table and my sewing machine does not have the hooks needed to hold it :(.  I was pretty bummed.

A few months later I decided to make it useful… of course it involved mod podge!

These pictures are NOT the greatest…. but you get the idea.


(it was actually black, so this is after my sweet husband painted and distressed the legs for me)


there you have it…  I’m seriously addicted to mod podge and scrapbook paper!  Oh, and THANK YOU Erin… I will mod podge anything for you for free in exchange for the table 🙂

To see a sampling of my other mod podge projects click HERE!

3 thoughts on “more mod podge fun…

  1. I absolutely love that paisley pattern on the top! You did a great job. When I get back on my feet, I plan on shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. I cannot WAIT to do projects just like this on the furniture I find. 🙂

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