hello february….

wait, goodbye February!  Either way, I couldn’t go to sleep tonight without having at least ONE post in Feb!

Wow… time flies!  I’d love to say that we’ve been so busy doing really glamorous, fun things.  However, that isn’t true.  Well, unless you count the following glamorous = work, taking care of a new puppy who is in full puppy mode, taking care of a full-of-life almost 5 year old boy, having a stomach virus, amongst other things!!!  (I think that is the worlds longest run-on sentence ever…. oh well, it’s my blog and I like improper grammar sometimes =) )

okay, goodnight February…  I’ll be back tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “hello february….

  1. I teach 7th grade English…you’re going to have to do better than that to take on the title of longest run-on sentence ever!

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