"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" – Picasso

Sunday when we woke up, the sun was out.  Well, not exactly when we woke up at the crack of dawn (thank you, Jaxon), but it came out soon.  The snow was melting!!!  Our church was cancelled due to the weather, so we had a very leisurely morning.

I decided that we had one more shot to get outside and play in the snow.  But this time it did not include building a snowman.  We decorated him instead!

By the time we got out there, mr. snowman was melting.  Poor guy lost his eyes and all but one tooth!  At least his nose was still intact!

I pulled out the food coloring, added water and….. we had a color palette to work with!  I love how you can see the reflection of the branches in the water!I wasn’t quite sure which instrument would work best, turns out the medicine droppers win hands down!


Super happy boy!  He kept saying “this is awesome mom”

An “I love you” original

enjoy the sampling:

Jax was getting thirsty so he took a break for a bite of clean snow…. gross!

Poor mr. snowman – he didn’t stand a chance:by the end, he was gone.  Jax and I couldn’t resist one more snow ball fight!

We were thinking of  cousin Zoe (her dad blogs here)

and of course, I was thinking of Joey:

We had a lot of fun painting the snow… Jaxon cannot wait to do it again.  I REALLY hope that opportunity is MANY months away!

Once we were done, we were of course freezing. While Jaxon rested and Joey cleaned our carpets, I whipped up some homemade potato soup!  Recipe coming soon!

I’m so thankful for my little boy!

8 thoughts on “"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" – Picasso

  1. I love the art work by our newest artist Jaxon Winn, it will be on display until the snow melts. He is so precious. You are such a good mother and you are very creative and come up wdith new ideas that blow me away.
    Joey is truly blessed to have a wife like you. You put all of your engery into your boys, to make sure thay are fed and loved and live in a home that is filled with God, laughter, love and more love.
    Your co-workers are blessed to have someone who always has a smile and a kind word to say.
    Your customers are blessed to have someone who has the knowledge of the business you are in and go the extra mile to help them close their loan.
    I am so blessed to have you has my daughter, friend. Happy Birthday on Friday, I love you so much!!

  2. oh my goodness! How fun is that!!! It looks like you all had a wonderufl time, even in the snow on the first day of Spring!

  3. You are such a fun mom! I wish I could be that good. Amiya said she had the best day EVER when I played with her for 30 minutes in the snow. I mean, I did have a snow fight with her, but no painting in the snow. I guess I’ll have to that next time. And that soup…I LOVE potato soup. It looks delicious!

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