I'm still the only princess in the house….

We went for our ultrasound on the 23rd!  It was so cool to see Jaxon’s face as he saw pictures of the baby for the first time.  It made it all so real.  I SO wish I would have recorded his reactions, so funny and priceless!

So, if you don’t already know… it’s a:::::

He also has a nice arm::

skeleton face::

And… his precious profile::

Everything is normal, but they are having me come back in a few weeks for a few more pictures of his heart and facial structure.  I was about 19 weeks and they want pictures a little more developed.  I know it will all be fine, but it makes me a little nervous, so please keep us in your prayers.

We have started to work on the nursery, but the boy has no name!  Of course, I had several girls names picked out but we’re starting from scratch with the boy names.  Jaxon has the coolest name in the book, so it’s a hard one to follow.  I’ll keep you posted!!!

Well, I think that’s all for tonight!  Hope you had a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “I'm still the only princess in the house….

  1. Congrats! What fun to have two boys!

    I know it is easier said than done to not be nervous when they ask you to come back for more pictures. But I have known many moms who have been really nervous because of something with the ultrasound, weather a spot on an organ or issues with development Or something else and in all the cases that I have known everything was totally fine. I will pray for you an the baby. Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!

  2. I’m with JB. Boys are so much fun! Jax will love having a brother to wrestle with! I love watching my boys play together and am so excited for you!

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