fun for the fourth

Warning: extra long post ahead!

Friday the 2nd::

Every year we celebrate with Joey’s family on the Friday near the Fourth.  This year was no exception!  I took off work early on Friday so we could head down there.  I made yummy baked beans and homemade banana pudding!  So good!!

I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

Jaxon has been asking me to sit in the back with him a lot lately, and I want to spend as much time with him before the baby gets here, so why not!

Here we are… ready for the road trip!

My beautiful sister’s in law, Shannon and Amanda:

Joey and I:

The kids had a blast playing on the water slide:  Jaxon, with Ella Grace and Lanie

Jax caught some pretty good air!  Such a difference from the past few years where he would just slide down gently!

God knew we really needed some rain, but unfortunately it was this weekend! Due to the rain we were unable to set off fireworks and sparklers.  We had one upset little man, but we’ll go and do them another time!

Saturday the 3rd::

On Saturday we woke up to more rain!  I got up early enough to make my homemade salsa and guacamole for 30 people!  We headed over to the Whitesell’s for a cookout/swim party!  Actually we decided that due to the rain we would pass on the swimming but we were excited for a fun time!

Jaxon was so excited to see his Blair!  He hung out in her living area upstairs most of the time playing Wii.

There was SO much yummy food that I ran out of room on one plate for a sample of everything.  So being pregnant and not ashamed, I got a second plate for my fruit salad!

After we ate, the rain had died down a little and Jaxon was begging us to go swimming!  One problem, we didn’t pack a suit or extra clothes.  So, we made due!  Oh well, you’re only five once, right?  Look at that face!!!  He had a BLAST!  I can’t wait to go back once it’s sunny out.  I have a maternity suit with the tags still on it!

We stayed to watch the world cup game, it was fun to watch with a large group!  Then, we headed home for a nap!  Later that evening I went with Blair’s sister, Brooke to see Eclipse!

Saturday was such a good day, I was WORN out!

Sunday the 4th::

Joey began teaching the adult bible class at West Wood today.  He’s teaching the book of Roman’s for the month of July.  He did a great job!

After church, we went to eat lunch at one of our old favorites.  We learned that they have a new manager and we could tell!  It’s sad when things start to change… I hope they make it!  Once we were at home, I think it took me about five minutes to get into bed.  I was completely exhausted.  I took a good, long nap!!

We had plans to go to church and then to the ice cream social afterward, and then over to our good friend’s Tara and Phil’s.  Once I woke up, I still wasn’t feeling great and we decided just to hang out at home.  Oh, and did I mention it was RAINING again?  Joey and Jaxon went to get some dinner for us while I stayed home and caught up on Glee from last month.  Yes, it was still on the DVR and I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it yet!  After sitting around all day, and realizing that the fireworks would go on, we decided to take Jaxon to see them!

Joey drove us downtown and we parked in a lot across from the ballpark. We walked over to the ballpark and found a seat for the show.  We still had about 30 minutes to wait and we decided to walk back and watch them from the back of the truck.  Little did we know, that the show would be RIGHT in front of us!!  Better seats than inside the park!  It was so cool.

Jaxon snapped this of Joey and I before our walk to the ballpark.

Jax was in awe!  It was so fun to watch not only the show, but him!

He got the idea that he could call in the shots and types of fireworks on his lego watch.  The funny thing was, he would “call it in” and sure enough the kind that he wanted to see would show up!  He really believes still this morning, that he was truly calling the shots!  So funny!  He told Joey as he was being moved from the truck to the bed, that he was so tired from working so hard at the fireworks, but he had a lot of fun!  I love this kid!!

Happy Birthday America, we sure had a great weekend celebrating!

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