oh, Saturday how I love thee

Saturdays….  there are so many different types of Saturdays.  Productive, cleaning, lazy, busy, well you get the idea!

Today is the first Saturday that we have all been home with no major plans in many weeks!  It’s awesome!

This morning, I did go with Tracy to a few garage sales before it got too hot.  I scored a little side table for the baby’s room (more on this to come).  Jax has been playing in his room for hours.  I love hearing him play!  Joey was able to watch some soccer for the kickoff of his soccer league.

Right now, the living room is dark, curtains drawn, pillows and blankets are out for movie time.  Night at the museum!

It’s a great day… here are a few pictures to prove it!

a well played in room:

mommy/jax self portraits:

Yummy popcorn, pillow, blanket… check:

a little lovin’:

"mommy, can I hold your hand"

And just because it’s been forever….. here’s a current belly pic!  The little boy inside is VERY active!

Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

4 thoughts on “oh, Saturday how I love thee

  1. WHOA Preggos! 🙂 Lookin’ good!!!

    I can’t wait for movie night w/ the fam where we watch something Zoe wants to watch. How fun! 🙂

    We can’t wait to see you all again. Have a goooooooood one!

    Tell Jax “HEYOH DUDE!”

  2. Jax looks like he indeed had fun in that room. I love it. Brandons room looks much the same right now.

    I had a dream the other night that Gary and I had another baby. The next morning when I told him about it he told me, “You better get a part time job at a nursery and quick!” lol I told him I wasn’t wanting another baby, even though I fall to pieces when I am around babies. I love their squishyness. I think I freaked him out a little bit. hehe

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