Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, Part 1

Hello friends of Suzanne.  This is Megan here.  She asked me to come on here and post an update.  The last 12 hours have been very eventful as Suzanne’s water broke at only 28.5 weeks pregnant.  So far, she is not in labor and the doctors are optimistic that Elijah will have time to do a little more growing before coming into the world.

Will you join me in prayer for Suzanne, Joey, Jaxon, and Eli as they face the coming days and weeks?  Suzanne will be on bed rest in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy.  I know Suzanne, and like most moms, the thought of spending weeks on end in a bed, unable to care for her family, do her job, etc. is daunting to say the least.  Pray for Eli to grow big and strong. Pray that when he is born, he is born healthy and crying.  May his tiny lungs develop and sustain him.  Pray for Suzanne that she would be filled with peace and feel the comfort that can only come from knowing that God is in control.  Pray that she would not be filled with anxiety and worry, but instead be filled with hope and patience during the coming weeks and months.  Pray for Joey as he now faces balancing his time between Jaxon/home and Suzanne/the hospital, plus all the tasks of his normal life/job.   And pray for Jaxon that he would continue to be a happy, sweet 5 year old boy, and that he would have understanding beyond his years as he faces the challenges of the weeks ahead.

This sweet picture was taken just this morning, before Suzanne knew that he water had already broken.  Cutest picture ever!

Suz, I wish I could be with you in person right now. You are one of my dearest friends ever and I love you!

7 thoughts on “Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, Part 1

  1. We are praying for you Suz!!! Let us know if you need anything. I can help out with Jaxon if you need or I can bring meals over. Anything to help you guys out please let me know!
    Love you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers tonight and until that baby boy is born happy and healthy!

  2. Suzanne, I am praying for you, the baby! I can’t
    even imagine how difficult and scary it must be to be on bedrest in the hospital. Please keep us updated!

  3. Ok Eli, We know you are excited for OU football, But please hold your excitement a few more weeks.
    Suzanne your in my thoughts and prayers daily. God has a plan as we pray to God we will wait with you for him to make his plan known.Get some much needed rest and let everyone treat you as the princess that Jaxon says you are.
    Peace and Love to you

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