Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, The Details

Megan here again.  I’m acting as Suz’s personal PR rep until she’s feeling up to blogging/facebooking again.  It’s not a bad job at all, and honestly, I’m just glad there is something I can do to help her out!  Seeing as it is already late and I really need to get to bed, I’m going to do some bullet points from our convo this afternoon.

–Eli is still safely tucked away inside.  Her doctor’s first goal is to get her to 32 weeks, which is 3 weeks and 2 days from now.  Of course, if he can safely stay inside longer they will certainly keep him there.  But 32 weeks is the goal at this point.

— Suzanne has been given steroids to mature Elijah’s lungs and is on a steady stream of antibiotics to prevent infection.  She was having some contractions yesterday and was given medicine to stop them.  Thankfully, it worked and the contractions stopped.   With a ruptured bag of waters, infection is the biggest risk.  The nurses are taking her temperature every hour (doesn’t that make for some good sleep, ha!) and hey are keeping a very close eye on Eli’s heart rate for any sign of distress or infection.  So far, so good, and it’s been almost 48 hours since her water broke.  You know, I didn’t realize that you could stay pregnant after your water breaks or that you make more amniotic fluid.  They will be doing ultrasounds every other day to check her fluid level.  A normal level is a 12…yesterday she was about a 3.5.  Pray for more fluid at tomorrows sonogram!

–She is on complete and total bed rest.  I cannot even imagine, but Suzanne is handling it so well.  She has loved all her nurses and is making them all laugh and smile in typical Suzanne fashion.

–When it’s time for Eli to be born (not for weeks, please Lord!), ideally Suzanne to be transferred to Baptist for the delivery because they have a better equipped NICU.  But right now, they want to keep her where she is as long as possible.  In the case of an emergency c-section, Elijah will be transferred to Baptist as soon as he is stable and Suzanne will stay at Women’s until she is discharged.  Please pray that Eli’s birth is not an emergency and that there is time for the hospital transfer to happen.  She will get to see sweet Eli so much more if they are in the same hospital while she recovers from delivery.

So, I think that’s it so far…I feel like there is something I am forgetting, but hopefully I got all the major points in there.  The bottom line is right now, Suzanne and Eli are doing exactly what they need to be doing.  Suz is resting and Eli is growing.  They are certainly not out of the woods, but things are moving in the right direction.  Keep up the praying!  Suzanne says she feels so very loved and blessed.  God is good.

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Operation: Keep Suzanne Pregnant, The Details

  1. I was so glad to text back and forth a few times tonight. I’m so happy to hear that not only have you hit 28 1/2 weeks, but that you’ve received both steroid shots. With both of those milestones under your belt, you have a great shot of bringing him home much sooner that his due date, and every day that he stays in is less time that he’ll spend in the NICU! Love you girl, and call any time for moral support. We NICU mamas have to stcik together!

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