operation keep me pregnant – day 18

after an EARLY morning ultrasound we have great news. And not so great news.

First- I am 30.3 weeks today and Eli is now measuring
4#8oz!  Awesome growth!!

Second- there was no fluid to measure so he called my fluid level a 0.

We do not know what my dr’s will do with this information yet. We’ll let you know once we do! Thank you for the prayers!! Please keep praying a we still have a long road ahead of us!

5 thoughts on “operation keep me pregnant – day 18

  1. I am so glad you have made it to 30 weeks. What a great milestone. His weight is great too. Keeping you in my prayers!!

  2. Thinking about you a lot! You let me know if you need me to make a weekend trip up there for moral support. I know how scary it can be, but your little guy is pretty much at coming home weight!

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