September, September

*the first of several catch up posts!  This should make Jessica and Keisha especially happy 🙂 (they have been on me for a while to update!  here you go girls)

September was spent with me being in the hospital.  You can read more about it here and here.  I wanted to have a place to keep these pictures since I obviously didn’t do much blogging from the hospital!

These are in no particular order…just stuff I want to remember.

I got alternate activity each day.  Day one was shower day!  Day two was outside day.  This picture was taken on my very first day outside.  This was on Friday 9.3.10 – what a great day!

My sister Stacey, her sweet husband, Marc, and precious Zoe came to visit.  They came the first week I was in when we thought Eli was coming at any minute.  I’m so thankful that they made the trip out from Cali.  So thankful that Eli wasn’t born that early (28 weeks), but also sad that they haven’t met the little guy.  They are now expecting baby #2 due in June!

I received so many thoughtful cards and gifts while in the hospital (and after).  It’s proven difficult to find the time to write formal thank you’s for everything, but we appreciated everything much more than words can say. 

Jaxon was such a blessing during this very difficult time for our family.  In some ways I wish he had been younger so that he wouldn’t remember it all.  But he did an amazing job dealing with the up’s and downs that we were presented with.  He and Joey tried to keep as normal of a schedule as possible.  They came up most days after school and stayed just a while.  On Friday nights they would come about 6pm, bring dinner and we’d have a sleepover!  He really enjoyed it and we made the best of the situation.  We have some great memories of those Friday night sleepovers!

On Sunday afternoons, the pet therapy people would come around and Jax LOVED seeing the dogs!

Almost every evening that they were there I would read to him before bed or before they left for the night.  I LIVED for these moments.

Self explanatory.  I loathed this chair, but in the middle of the night it was great.  Since I was hooked up to monitors 24/7 (except for the 30 minute break each day), I was SUPPOSED to use this chair every time.  I had amazing nurses who understood that it was really just a few steps to the ACTUAL toilet and let me break the rules.  Once my fluid levels reached ZERO, my dr. highly encouraged use of the bedside toilet.  …..  oh the bedside toilet chair!

It was Like a family reunion.  Throughout my almost 5 week stay, I got to see lots of family and friends!

I was SO VERY THANKFUL for each person that came to visit.

Here are pictures of both sets of my grandparents.

Grandparents Kennedy

Grandparents Gregg (this was while I was still at lakeside, before I realized it was ok to wear clothes!)

The view. The Oklahoma City Skyline.  This was naturally taken by Marc.  I couldn’t see this from my bed unless I set up really high but I loved to look out this window!

My sweet friend, Tracy helped me with this chain.  Instead of doing a countdown, we added one link for everyday I was there.  This picture was taken on Tuesday 9.21, the day before Eli was born.

It’s funny that the tv was on in this picture.  When people find out that I was in the hospital I often hear “man, you must have caught up on a LOT of TV”.  Actually, I watched very little tv.

My last belly shot.  This was taken on Tuesday morning 9.21.10 also (31 weeks 2 days), the day before he was born.  Funny looking back, I must have instinctively known that he was coming!

I’ll leave you with that.  I am writing more posts today to get caught up 🙂

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “September, September

  1. what beautiful pictures of you and your hospital stay. your smile is incredible no matter what the situation!
    i especially love that y’all had slumber parties together.

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