a month of photos.part 1.#febphotoaday

 At the end of January I noticed several people participating in a monthly photo challenge and I wanted in. So I decided to start in February. There are evidently several people putting lists out there, but I’m a fan and follower of Fat Mum Slim. I want to have a place to remember all of my photos.. so back to my ole’ trusty blog I go! Here are my photos from February.

Day 1.  My view for 90% of the day.  Prepping for a meeting at work.

Day 2.  Words I read recently from an amazing book, 52 things kids need from a mom.

Day 3.  Hands.  Strong Grandaddy hand.  Sweet and tender Grandmother hand.  Precious tiny Eli hand.

Day 4.  A stranger.  or 3.  At a Japanese steak house.

Day 5.  10:00am.  My sleeping baby in church.

Day 6.  Dinner.  Taco soup.  Yum.

Day 7.  Button.  The most gratifying one.  Delete.

Day 8.  Sun.  The sun wasn’t out here today so I used a pic from the fall when I was in Cali visiting my sister and her family.

Day 9.  Front Door.

Day 10.  me.  Excited for five guys burger and fries and a girls craft weekend. (really me being a dork and showing my “happy face”)

Day 11.  Makes me happy.  A pile of fabric and apron making.  Learning to sew.

Day 12.  Inside my closet.

Day 13.  Blue.  My blue lunch bag.

Day 14.  Heart.  This was tied to Jaxon’s chair as part of our valentines breakfast decor.

Day 15.  My Phone.  i ADORE my iphone.

To be continued…..  Oh, and if you’re not using instagram, you should.  If you are, let me know… I’d love to see your pictures too!!

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