a month of photos.part 2. #febphotoaday

If you missed part 1, click here.  Below is the remainder of the #febphotoaday photos!  enjoy.

Day 16.  Something new.  New infinity scarf that I made! I’m kinda proud of myself!

Day 17.  Time.  It’s weekend time!

Day 18.  Drink(s).  A days worth.  (Side note.  I have not had a dr. pepper in 16 days!!)

Day 19.  something I hate to do.  Wait for a train to pass with a screaming fussy (precious) toddler in the backseat.

Day 20.  Handwriting.  Handwritten notes to my sweet Jaxon boy from me.

Day 21.  Favorite photo of myself.  Circa 2003 at our favorite place on earth… camp lu-jo

Day 22.  Where I work. (taken a day late)

Day 23.  your shoes.  Mommy toms.  baby toms.

Day 24.  Inside your bathroom closet.

Day 25.  Green.  Broccoli for dinner (with the best carrots ever and grilled chicken and long grain/wild rice)

Day 26.  Night.  Watched America’s funniest home videos with my boys while ignoring the baby toys that need to be picked up.  (don’t worry.  they were picked up before bed)

Day 27.  Something I ate.  Greek yogurt and veggies/rice for lunch.  Brinner (breakfast for dinner), sausage pancakes that Joey created.  yum.

Day 28.  Money.  This is how I manage mine each day.

Day 29.  Something I’m listening to.  I’m listening to this little chatter/scream one minute-laugh-the-next box, aka Eli.  I love him.

So, there you go.  I ACTUALLY completed a 30 day challenge… and guess what?  I’m doing it again for March.  I will post all pics here.  I love documenting our life and this is a great way to prompt me to do so on a normal basis again.  If you’re participating be sure to let me know.  I love to see all of the different variations of the daily challenge.

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